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Overview of the Game

Heretic II is the newest member of the best-selling Heretic-Hexen game series. Irrefutable advantages of this third-person action game are the Quake II 3D engine used in it, the precise graphic design and the perfect animation. Using a 3D accelerator you will be able to enjoy the rich diversity of pyrotechnical effects it offers. The creators of the game have put great efforts in making each weapon and spell you can work with use different special effects.

Horrifying city, inhabited by zombies having serious problems with their psyche; gloomy chambers and freezing galleries full of unknown creatures, hiding in the dark corners, being absolutely sure that your name is "Snak"; Rocky canyons, full of creeping dangers - these are the main ingredients of the exotic cocktail called Heretic II.

The anxiety and the adrenalin levels that you will reach after the first few sips will be fairly enough to tempt you to continue sneaking through the levels. It is strongly recommended that you try sharing this delicacy with your friends. The game allows the simultaneous play of up to 32 persons. Of course, fighting against 31 other barbarians will be a bit sluggish but the choice is only yours.

Chronology of Deeds

After starting the game you become an elf named Corvus who comes from the lands of Parthoris actually v1.04 Enhancement pack allows you to play with a female elf character, named Kiera in multiplayer games). You have just returned from something like a business vacation in the realm of D'sparil where you have successfully eliminated him. Those who have played Heretic know for sure his "calm" and "inoffensive" character. For all of you that are new to the game it will be more than enough to say that one of the hobbies of this charming fellow consists mainly of terrorizing defenseless creatures.

With his returning, Corvus finds out that during his absence the dwellers of his home-town have been visited by a mysterious and extremely unpleasant plague. All its victims have turned into mindless zombies wishing only for blood and preferably yours.

The mission of Corvus is to find out who is responsible for all this and, most of all, to stop the disease before it has destroyed Parthoris.

The bad news is that you have no time at all. Despite all this you need not worry too much because Corvus is quite skilled. One who has managed to get along with the monsters of D'spiral and to return on time for dinner will not start hesitating in such moments.


Besides being able to run, jump, swim and having a lot more other acrobatic skills, Corvus has also some special tricks /up his sleeve/. In critical situations he can rely on a wide range of magical equipment. The game offers you nine attack and six defensive weapons and spells all of which have their special properties. You can restore the life and magic power (mana) you spend during the game by collecting different magic items you will find on your way.

All necessary information is displayed in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the screen. When you decide to dive the amount of oxigen left is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. When Tome of Power is used (for increasing the power of all weapons and spells) the time its effect will continue is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Network Games

Heretic II offers two ways of playing with other people - using the IPX protocol over a local area network or using TCP/IP protocol over the Internet.

Defensive spells


raven activision

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