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Cheat Codes

Press ~ to make the Heretic II console visible and then type in one of these codes:

Cheat Code
victor Heretic II full version - enemies stop seeing you while they are not attacked (no target) (on/off)
victor Heretic II demo - kills all enemies on the current level
meatwagon Heretic II full version - kills all enemies, exept bosses
aquaticape Heretic II demo - enemies stop seeing you while they are not attacked (no target) (on/off)
kiwi Passing through walls (no clip) (on/off)
playbetter Invulnerability (on/off)
twoweeks Increases power of weapons and offensive spells (on/off)
suckitdown itemname Gives you itemname
suckitdown chicken Turns you into a chicken
suckitdown all Gives you all (usefull) items
suckitdown health Gives you maximum health (100 health points)
suckitdown mana Gives you maximum offensive and defensive mana (100%)
suckitdown armor First use gives Silver armor; second use gives Gold armor
suckitdown ghost Corvus becomes invisible for about a minute.
suckitdown reflection Corvus reflects all charges shot at him. This works for about 20 seconds.
suckitdown powerup Increases power of weapons and offensive spells (like Tome of Power)
suckitdown tele Gives you the teleport protection
suckitdown teleport Heretic II demo - gives you the teleport protection
suckitdown morph Gives you the Morph Ovum protection
suckitdown polymorph Heretic II demo - gives you the Morph Ovum protection
suckitdown tornado Gives you the Whirlwind protection in v1.04 Enhancement pack
angermonsters All enemies go mad
crazymonsters All enemies become "Berserk"
spawn itemname Spawns itemname
spawn item_weapon_magicmissile Spawns Force/Thunder Blast
spawn item_weapon_hellstaff Spawns Hellstaff
spawn item_weapon_redrain_bow Spawns Storm Bow
spawn item_weapon_firewall Spawns Firewall
spawn item_weapon_phoenixbow Spawns Phoenix Bow
spawn item_weapon_sphereofannihilation Spawns Sphere of Annihilation
spawn item_weapon_maceballs Spawns Iron Doom
spawn item_defense_ringofrepulsion Spawns Ring of Repulsion
spawn item_defense_meteorbarrier Spawns Meteor Swarm
spawn item_defense_polymorph Spawns Morph Ovum
spawn item_defense_teleport Spawns Teleport
spawn item_defense_shield Spawns Lightning Shield
spawn item_defense_tornado SpawnsWhirlwind
spawn item_health_half Spawns Health Vial
spawn item_health_full Spawns Health Potion
spawn item_mana_offensive_half Spawns Offensive Mana Small
spawn item_mana_offensive_full Spawns Offensive Mana Big
spawn item_mana_defensive_half Spawns Defesive Mana Small
spawn item_mana_defensive_full Spawns Defesive Mana Big
spawn item_mana_combo_half Spawns Combo Mana
spawn item_mana_combo_quarter Heretic II full version - spawns Combo Mana
spawn item_puzzle_tavernkey Spawns Tavern Key
spawn item_puzzle_townkey Spawns Town Key
spawn item_puzzle_cog Spawns Cog Piece
spawn item_puzzle_shield Spawns Warrior's Shield
spawn item_puzzle_plazacontainer Spawns Earthblood Container (from Andoria Plaza)
spawn item_puzzle_slumcontainer Spawns Earthblood Container (from Andoria Slums)
spawn item_puzzle_crystal Spawns Sea Crystal
spawn item_puzzle_potion Spawns Potion
spawn item_puzzle_canyonkey Spawns Canyon/Hive Key
spawn item_puzzle_hive2gem Spawns T'chekrik Heart Gem
spawn item_puzzle_hive2spear Spawns Spear of the Warrior
spawn item_puzzle_hive2amulet Spawns Warrior's Amulet
spawn item_puzzle_highpriestesskey Spawns Key
spawn item_puzzle_highpriestesssymbol Spawns T'chekrik Idol
spawn item_puzzle_minecartwheel Spawns Mine Cart Wheel
spawn item_puzzle_ore Spawns Unrefined Ore
spawn item_puzzle_refinedore Spawns PowerSource
spawn item_puzzle_dungeonkey Spawns Dungeon Key
spawn item_puzzle_cloudkey Spawns Fortress Key
spawn item_puzzle_tome Spawns Tome
map levelname Skip to the specified level. levelname can be:


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